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Travel Tips with Pam: Vacationing in Honduras

I’ve never come across a TV ad with a catchy jingle encouraging me to come to Honduras however this is one of my favorite destinations.  I’m currently writing this article in La Ceiba, Honduras where I come for two weeks every 4 years. Here I can completely unplug especially since the power occasionally goes down. 

By American standards I’m staying at a one star motel, however this location has mountain views, offers alkaline food, and streams thermal hot springs in their pool and sauna.  I always leave feeling like a new born baby or at the very least a happier and healthier 52 year old version of myself.

Known as both ugly and beautiful, Honduras is the second largest country in Central America and also one of the poorest.  San Pedro Sula used to be known as the murder capital of the world.  No longer on the top 10 list of most violent cities, you have to use common sense and be aware of your environment when coming here.  Naysayers may advise against visiting, however Honduras has so much to offer for those adventurous enough to visit.

Thousands of tourist come to visit the ancient Mayan ruins of Copán which are an UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking through history is interesting on its own plus there are tons of exotic birds such as Macaws providing melodic backgrounds.  Considered a half day visit, the site has over 4,500 structures that cover approximately 9 square miles.

Rio Cangrejal is the most scenic river in Central America and one of the best places to go swimming, zip lining, and white water rafting. This destination is a few minutes from La Ceiba and has become its own tourist destination with a range of tour operators and small hotels.

If you want even more of the great outdoors then Río Plátano is one of the most beautiful rainforest in Central America.  It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. You should only trek here with a reputable guide who can safely navigate you through this majestic and largely uninhabited hike.

Most people around the world know Honduras for the Bay Islands and come to Roatan, Utila or Guanaja.  Utila is popular with backpackers and the fun budget island. Roatan is the larger family friendly destination with miles of beautiful beaches, safe and plush accommodations. Guanaja generally costs more than the other two islands and has been described as the Venice of Honduras.

With a dose of realistic precautions, Honduras is one of the most enthralling places I’ve ever visited.  Amazing beaches, enchanting nature, low cost, and friendly people there are very few destinations that can compete with this country for what it provides. While my stay here is nearing its end, the impact will remain.  I’ve already started hugging staff goodbye telling them I will see them again in a few short years.

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